Our product

Our product is our patented platform for outdoor mobile robots. Our platform is based on our patented wheel frame, patent: WO2015197069, offers several significant advantages compared to its competitors. As for now, our patent has been granted in EU, USA, Australia, Japan and China and is now in the national phase in Canada, South Korea and Israel.

Innovative in all aspects of the design, it creates exciting new possibilities for mobile robots. Its wheel frame powers through barriers that have limited the mobility of mobile robots for many years. With its innovative design, our wheel frame makes it possible to create fast agile mobile robots, that are low energy consuming and can easily climb curbs if needed. The steering is very precise and allows for high speed, optional movements and manoeuvrability.


Patented agility

With our patented wheel frame chassis, patent: WO2015197069, you can drive your mobile robot around where normal mobile robots would get stuck. Our wheel frame can even perform a full 360-degree turn on a 30% sloping surface if needed. All this dramatically improving the mobility level of mobile robots.


As our patented wheel frame chassis is based on a driving and steering front and back wheel, it is different from the existing types mobile robots. As such, a lot of the granted patents and patent pending solutions, relating to mobile robots, relate to the differentiated steering type. Hereby our wheel frame expand our customers freedom to operate.


Mobile robots built with our wheel frame can be blazingly fast, as the steering is precise and the front and back wheels hold the course. Powered in front and back, our wheel frame allows for speed and strength not seen with differentiated steering mobile robots or Omni wheels robots. Even four wheel is possible, allowing for pulling of very heavy objects.

Agile Precise driving

Our wheel frame can be used for indoor as well as outdoor mobile robots, as it can maneuver agilely and precisely, and power through any surface or terrain. Thanks to the patented wheel frame, it can climb curbs as high as 40% of wheel height. The precision in driving makes it easier to navigate and position the robot.


Due to low weight and that all the power used for propulsion is directed only in the driving path, the energy consumption is very low. The big wheels furthermore lower the power consumption when driving, compared, with the mobile robot's height. This improves the range of the robot, giving more work hours per charge. Like the other key features of the vehicle, this improves the mobile robot's freedom of mobility.