About Us

About Capra Robotics

We believe in helping people through robotics

We work to eliminate dangerous, unworthy, and repetitive tasks to promote human creativity, complex problem-solving, and empathy. Therefore, we develop and manufacture autonomous mobile robot platforms capable of assisting people anywhere.


Capra Robotics’ mission is to make people aware of how mobile robots can be used in new ways outdoors.

Because we have created something that changes the rules of what mobile robots can effectively do, we are creating awareness of the possibilities that follows from our invention. Mobile robots have typically been application robots, meaning that they are developed for one purpose. Our robot platform can serve as the foundation for other applications, providing unprecedented mobility to otherwise stationary technologies.

People looking at capra robot
Mads Bendt and a Capra robot


Capra Robotics’ vision is to create mobile robots to help people everywhere.

Because of our novel wheel frame, our robots have unprecedented driving capabilities. Effectively, this means that our robots can drive in terrain and surroundings few can. Our aim is therefore to keep ensuring that our robots have the technical capabilities to help people wherever they go.