Extreme Maneuverability

Due to our patented wheel frame, our mobile robots can climb 50% slopes, curbs of up to 15 cm, and perform 360° turns even on a 30° sloping surface. They are highly agile, and due to their AWD design, they can drive in all terrains from urban to rural settings, and on any surface, from pavement to mud and sand, without getting stuck

Multi-purpose Platform

When designing our robot, we had an ambition of setting new standards in flexibility and adaptability. Our thinking was that we could either carry an application tool or we could tow it – based on this we started working with a “Top Tool” and “Trailer Tool” concept in mind.

Unique Orange Robot

Seamless Integration

Fast and reliable integration are keywords when you want to implement autonomous mobile robots in your operations. Our application programming interface is based on ROS 2 and MQTT protocols and they enable us to communicate seamlessly and directly with various robot software systems and android operating systems.

Autonomous Operations

In the autonomous navigation mode, the mobile robot is automatically following a given predefined path. This path can be determined by an operator, directing the robot to autonomously drive toward a given target, or in the form of a preplanned route, which can be communicated to the mobile robot via a 4G or 5G cellular network.

App for Capra Hircus
A Unique Orange Platform

Dual Safety System

Our robot features a dual safety system: A sensor-based “hard safety” package will ensure that humans in proximity are safe, while a novel “soft safety” package will ensure that humans feel safe by unambiguously clarifying the robot’s next move.


Capra’s robots delivers reliable performance in harsh environments with rain, splash water, wind, snow, and dust.

The innovative design of the wheel frame ensure that all propulsion power is directed towards the driving path, resulting in low energy consumption. 

Technial specifications about robots such as size, weight, payload and more information can be found in this section.

Robot meassurement drawing