Multi-purpose Platform

Multi-purpose platform


We provide the intelligent and flexible Mobile Robot Platform which helps our customers manage a multitude of application tasks based on one standard robot platform.

Flexible in use

Mobile robots are typically designed with a specific application and use case in mind. This often results in a good specific solution, but it limits the flexibility and possibilities for wider rollouts when you are looking to deploy robots on a larger scale. Utilizing our robot, Capra Hircus, with its Multi-Purpose Platform enables you to easily manage a multitude of tasks in your operations – all based on just one standard robot platform.

Our reasoning when designing the platform

When designing our robot, we had an ambition of setting new standards in flexibility and adaptability. Our thinking was that we could either carry an application tool or we could tow it – based on this we started working with a “Top Tool” and “Trailer Tool” concept in mind.

Your benefits are:

A flexible platform ready for mounting any kind of application tool

The option to implement an application tool that is towed behind the robot in a trailer

The option to tow e.g., a roll cage if you work in logistics and distribution

For Inspection and Surveillance, our flexible platform offers you the opportunity to mount e.g., surveillance cameras, motion or thermal sensors, and various types of scanners. Our customers in the Smart City industry require the option to mount equipment for the removal and collection of cigarette butts, chewing gum, and weeds.

If you need to carry a larger and heavier application tool, towing such an application tool in a special trailer unit after our Mobile Robot is also an option.

The last option offered by our flexible Mobile Robot Platform is the opportunity to tow existing wheeled equipment like roll cages or other material handling equipment, e.g., when bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor transportation.