Seamless Integration

seamless integration


We provide the intelligent Mobile Robot Platform which facilitates the easy and seamless integration with your software solution when implementing automated and autonomous driving in your outdoor operations.

Fast Integration

Fast and reliable integration are keywords when you want to implement autonomous mobile robots in your operations.

Our application programming interface is based on ROS 2 and MQTT protocols and they enable us to communicate seamlessly and directly with various robot software systems and android operating systems.

Capra Robotics can also support the seamless integration process by providing a Webot simulator to test the communication and interface in a 3D environment before actually testing the interaction between the mobile robot and your software solution in a real physical environment.

Modes by which you can operate the robot

Modes of Operating

With our outdoor mobile robots, you can choose the operation mode which suits your processes the best. As flexibility and versatility are always required you can switch between the different modes depending on the tasks at hand and the level of human interaction and involvement required.

We offer our customers three modes of operation:

– Automated

– Autonomous

– Remote controlled

Easy Implementation

To support easy implementation we have developed a mobile app enabling our customers to operate our mobile robot from their handheld android devices. The app facilitates route mapping, defining tasks, and launching the assigned tasks in the automated or autonomous operations mode. Finally, the app ensures that the operator can always take direct control of the mobile robot’s steering and control it remotely.