Use Cases

Use Cases


Inspection & Surveillance

Inspection and surveillance is usually done manually with visual inspection being performed on foot or by car. We are here to change that.

Robot ready for inspection

Urban Mobile Robots

Smart-city applications aid in optimizing a city’s operations and services. Outdoor mobile robots have immense potential in urban spaces.


Research & Education

Capra robot demonstrating the follow-me-function

Follow Me Function

In Autumn 2020, our interns reworked the “follow me” function. The first version was based on a retractable dog leash, but here, you see an OpenBot integration to make a smartphone lock on to persons and follow them around.

Read more about the latest research here

Minima Robot 3D model

Mobot forum

We have also initiated a community for discussing the features and additions made by our interns: You can also read what it is like to be an intern at Capra Robotics.