Urban Mobile Robots

urban mobile robots


Our Smart-City applications assist in optimizing the maintenance and service operations of public and private organizations.

Advantages with Urban Mobile Robots

Outdoor mobile robots have immense potential in urban spaces, particularly for aiding in optimizing a city’s operations and services. Urban robots create new opportunities for efficiently managing cities while improving working conditions and ergonomics for the operators involved.


Cigarette Collector

We are collaborating with Aarhus Municipality regarding the use of our Urban Mobile Robots as autonomous cigarette butt collectors.

Cigarette butts are the most tossed waste product in the world, and in a year, a service operator can collect 22,000 cigarette butts around just two of the city’s institutions. This is not only a local problem but a global one as cigarette butts end up in our nature and oceans as microplastics, which have a detrimental impact on humans and wildlife.

By integrating a cigarette waste collection module with our Urban Mobile Robot, we can assist in cleaning the city while reallocating resources within the organization, thereby optimizing operations.

Your Benefits

Cleaner Streets: Cigarette butts are the most tossed waste product in the world. Up to 75% end up in nature or on the street, and much of it ends up as microplastics in the oceans and eventually in our food chain.

Creating Awareness: Urban Mobile Robots in the cityscape will create greater awareness about litter and can help to support positive behavioral changes among citizens.

Optimize Operations: When implementing Urban Mobile Robot to automate parts of the waste management tasks, operations will become more efficient and your personnel can be allocated elsewhere, to focus on other value-adding tasks.

Working Conditions and Ergonomics: Implementing mobile robots will facilitate an improvement in working conditions and ergonomics offering more challenging job tasks and less physical strain.

Data-supported Insights: Our intelligent robot provides data-supported insights into people’s habits of throwing litter and thereby helps to map littering hotspots in the city. The digitalization process further supports the documentation of job tasks performed.

Proven Technology: An effective solution to solve extensive challenges which, through Extended Producer Responsibility, must be addressed on a European level.