Autonomous Operations

Autonomous operations


We provide the intelligent Mobile Robot Platform which facilitates the implementation of autonomous driving in your outdoor operations.

The Mobile Robot from Capra Robotics can operate in two main modes:

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Autonomous Navigation

In the autonomous navigation mode, the mobile robot is automatically following a given predefined path. This path can be determined by an operator, directing the robot to autonomously drive toward a given target, or in the form of a preplanned route, which can be communicated to the mobile robot via a 4G or 5G cellular network.

When the mobile robot operates in autonomous mode, it uses its onboard sensors, to provide information on the position and speed of each wheel to precisely calculate the mobile robot’s movement (odometry).

If the robot is equipped with an onboard GNSS receiver and an RTK correction signal, the information can be fused with the odometry of the mobile robot to obtain centimeter precise navigation.

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Remote Control

Remote control is the alternative mode where an external system takes direct control of the operations of the mobile robot. This will typically be an operator in a control center, who can take control of the mobile robot to guide it manually.