Multi-purpose Platform

Versatile Beyond All Limits

Mobile robots are typically designed with a specific application and use case in mind. One robot for one application. This often results in a good specific solution, but it limits the flexibility and possibilities for wider rollouts when you are looking to deploy robots on a larger scale. Utilizing our multi-purpose robot, Capra Hircus, enables you to easily manage a multitude of tasks in your operations – all based on just one standard robot platform.

Modular Concept

When designing the multi-purpose robot, we had an ambition of setting new standards in flexibility and adaptability. Our thinking was that we could either carry an application tool or we could tow it – based on this we started working with a “Top Tool” and “Trailer Tool” concept in mind.

Expanding on this concept resulted in our modular mobile robot platform, Capra Hircus, suitable for any outdoor use case.

robot with trailer tool

You can read more about the capabilities of the multi-purpose robot platform on Specifications.

Your next step

Feel free to contact us if you have a question. Alternatively, book a demo and Capra Hircus will come to you.

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