Seamless Integration

System Integration

Automatic driving with the robot can be done from control systems based on the VDA-5050 protocol, where the robot follows the given path. Transport orders to the Capra robot can be given from a central control system (WMS/MES/ERP).

To ensure an easy integration between the control system and the robot we have implemented the VDA-5050 protocol on the robot. The VDA-5050 is a VDA/VDMA standard interface developed in cooperation with several car manufacturers and 1st tier providers. The aim of the interface is to give a control system a common way to control robots from different vendors.

The robot comes with a direct interface to its ROS2 operating system, which makes it easy to connect additional equipment to the robot. The client can choose between Modbus or MQTT protocol (PLCs) which uses ethernet or Wi-Fi, respectively, as a transport layer.

Software Integration

Fast and reliable integration are keywords when you want to implement autonomous mobile robots in your operations.

Our application programming interface is based on ROS2 and MQTT protocols which enables us to communicate seamlessly and directly with various robot software systems and android operating systems.

Capra Robotics can also support the seamless integration process by providing a Webot simulator to test the communication and interface in a 3D environment before testing the interaction between the mobile robot and your software solution in a real physical environment.

Physical Integration

The physical integration to the robot is done by mounting applications on the robot’s lid. The lid is equipped with hardpoint rails to easily mount applications on top of the robot.

If the application impedes access to the emergency stop, one or more emergency stops must be fitted to the application which are freely accessible to a person standing next to the robot within a radius of 60 cm. These emergency stops can replace the standard emergency stop, so the emergency stop still works for the entire robot and not just the application.

The emergency stop, as well as the GNSS antennas, can be moved onto the application, which supports that the combined solution can be CE-marked.

Your next step

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