We are Denmark's Robotics Company of the Year 2022. Here’s why it’s a big deal.

By Lars Hee Hansen, Chief Commercial Officer, Capra Robotics

In March of 2022, Capra Robotics won the Robotics Company of the Year 2022 Award at Odense Robotics’ annual conference in Denmark. We were nominated along with our colleagues at Universal Robots and Blue Ocean Robotics – all three of us were nominated by our peers in the robotics industry.

The fact that our colleagues in the industry found us worthy to be singled out, is precisely why it’s a big deal: To be given an award based on the opinions of the professionals in the Danish robotics cluster. It’s a bit like winning an Oscar – they too are awarded to professionals by professionals, and this award is like that (just without the slapping…)

Nominations for Robotics Company of the Year are based on three criteria: extraordinary growth, a special contribution to the cluster, and strategic leadership. We cannot claim to have extraordinary growth just yet (although going from 0 to 25 employees in two years isn’t too shabby), but we believe we tick the boxes when it comes to a special contribution to the cluster and strategic leadership.

The rapidly growing Danish robotics business is an unusual one in many respects: Different companies in the Danish robotics cluster don’t see each other as competitors in the traditional sense. Rather, we see each other as enablers, and there is a noticeable sense of collaboration in the industry. This is one of the benefits of being in a young, rapidly growing business area with huge and, as of yet, unexplored possibilities. Our products, ideas, and solutions complement each other. This is the spirit that pervades the business and rubs off on the award we’ve been given, and this is why it matters so much to us. But it is going to mean a lot in practical and commercial terms for Capra Robotics, too.

Robotics Company of the Year 2022
Photo by Odense Robotics

A game-changer for outdoor robotics

Our platform has a ton of uses – in robots that clean urban spaces, in surveillance and security, in logistics, and many more. The Capra Hircus is a platform, and it’s only that – a platform that others can develop their own application for. We have a ton of ideas about how it can be applied, but it’s up to our partners to investigate more ideas and make them real. Outdoor robots are nothing new (comparatively speaking) – they have a real presence in agriculture, for instance. But our platform is designed to go where no other robots can go. It’s all based on the insights of our Founder and CINO Mads Bendt, who invented the platform: Paralyzed from the neck down, Mads combines his engineering expertise with his own experiences in moving around in cityscapes on wheels and takes this unique combination into the field of robotics.

Our patented wheel frame allows the robot to travel where other robots can’t go: On slopes, on grass, in sand, and over curbs… together with an unprecedented range and innovative technology that makes it fully autonomous, we have a platform unlike any other in the world today.

And now we have the award to show it.

What it means for us - and you

Getting an award in any industry can be anywhere from winning at the Oscars to three guys taking turns to give each other an award whenever they get bored. This one, as I wrote earlier, is more in the ballpark of the Oscars, coming from one of the leading robot clusters in the world.

It gives the impetus to keep developing our platform. It gives us the belief that we are on the right track toward becoming the world’s most preferred partner in outdoor robotics for smaller applications. As a newcomer in a world of newcomers, we believe that getting this boost from our peers will allow us to attract even more investors, top-notch employees – and last, but not least, more partners to help us shape the future of outdoor robotics. So, feel free to reach out!

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