Dual Safety System

dual safety system


We provide the intelligent Mobile Robot Platform which helps our customers safely conduct their business operations.

Keeping you safe

Our robot features a Dual Safety System: A sensor-based “hard safety” package will provide the collision avoidance ensuring that humans and objects in the proximity are safe, while a novel “soft safety” package of intuitively recognizable intention markers will ensure that humans feel safe by unambiguously clarifying the robot’s next move.

In addition, the robot comes with safety features in accordance with ISO 13849-1.

Mads Bendt and a Capra robot
Capra's team

Hard Safety

The core of our hard safety package consists of state-of-the-art low-level ultrasound sensors. They act as the base safety system and ensure that all relevant objects are identified and avoided, regardless of weather and other disturbances.  Our low-level sensors provide a hard safety measure that ensures that people and objects in close proximity are safe.

The mandatory ISO 13849-1 safety features include: Emergency stop, self-activating emergency brakes, bumper bar brake, and a safety function for manual brake release check.

Intuitively Recognizable Intention Markers

To instantly make our robots intent apparent to people close by, we have developed the ground-breaking new concept of intuitively recognizable intention markers. A similar but inadequate concept is known from other vehicles such as motorcycles or cars that uses sound and turn signals. Because mobile robots are often compared to cars, it is assumed that these markers will be sufficient. However, markers equipped in cars are primarily designed to communicate with other drivers in a unilateral domain, and even here, light indicators are often inadequate. Communication in traffic, especially in regard to cyclists and pedestrians, is greatly dependent on eye contact and body language. When the human, capable of adding this extra information, is removed from the interaction, there is no one to make you feel acknowledged, and that diminishes the feeling of safety. Therefore, we believe that it is crucial that our outdoor mobile robots can provide this otherwise missing information. Our intention markers provide a soft safety measure that both improves user experience and increases safety, even for people meeting the robots for the first time.