Cooperation partners

Built for Collaboration

Because we have invented a general platform, the possible uses with the Capra Hircus are limitless. This allows us to partner up with many very different companies with distinct backgrounds. Here you can read more about some of them.

We have partnered up with Nomad Robotics, the French-Danish robot distributor to increase potential customer’s awareness of us in France.

Together with Deutsche Telekom, we are on a joint mission when it comes to connectivity, precision positioning, 5G, and edge computing. Deutsche Telekom is an enabling factor when it comes to supporting our customers with connectivity and precise positioning on a global scale.

Lorenz Technology has been our strategic partner since the first Capra Robot Prototype. The partnership between Lorenz Technology and Capra Robotics yields a fast track to cutting-edge technology implementation in Inspection and Surveillance.

Construction is a challenging field for robotics, partly because of the terrain. Capra Hircus provides the outdoor robot platform, while RobStruct provides the construction application tools.

Our partnership with GumBusters emerged out of an idea to create a mobile robot solution for removing chewing gum from public areas. Since GumBusters are experts in chewing gum removal, this posed an ideal partnership for us. We formulated an innovation project under Horizon2020 and started creating our solution in September 2021.

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