Research and Education

Research & Education

Minima Robot 3D model

The Research Version of our Mobile Robot Platform

In addition to our Capra Hircus, we also produce and sell a mobile robot research platform – a smaller research version of our Capra Robot. It is called the Capra Minima. We find it natural to involve researchers, universities and others interested in developing possibilities for the concept we have created and patented.  

We have also initiated a community for discussing the features and additions to the mobile robot research platform made by our interns: You can also read what it is like to be an intern at Capra Robotics. 

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Capra robot demonstrating the follow-me-function

Follow Me Function

In Autumn 2020, our interns reworked the “follow me” function. The first version was based on a retractable dog leash. The new OpenBot integration uses a smartphone to lock on to a person, so the mobile robot research platform can follow them around. 

Watch video here

White Capra robot

Proxemics and Human-Robot Interaction

For their bachelor project, a study group from Interaction Design at Aalborg University used the mobile robot research platform to test how people react to approaching robots, depending on movement cues at different proxemic distances. 

Aarhus University

Applied Innovation in Engineering

In spring 2021, we are partaking in the course “Applied Innovation in Engineering” offered by Aarhus University’s Engineering Department, to offer students a chance to work on some of the most challenging aspects in mobile robots.


Minima Showcase

The Minima mobile robot research platform is a smaller version of the Hircus, but with similar driving capabilities. 

Top speed: 4 km/h
Operating time 6 hours (estimated)
Incline climb: 40 degrees (69%)
Pulling force: 35N (3,5 kg)

Minima Robot 3D model

Self-stabilizing Module

For their bachelor project, two students from Aarhus School og Engineering, borrowed a Capra mobile robot research platform in order to build a self-stabilizing module for the Minima. 

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Your project?

If you are interested in creating a project with a Minima mobile robot research platform, then feel free to contact us. We find it natural to involve researchers, universities, and others interested in developing possibilities for our state-of-the-art mobile robots, as they allow for new applications.