About Capra Robotics

About Capra Robotics

We aim to be the world-leading provider of autonomous mobile robot platforms. We are a robotics company located in Denmark that creates versatile mobile robots to ease the workload for people everywhere they go.

The idea is simple – we provide a mobile platform specifically designed for easy and uncomplicated integration with additional hard- or software tools, making it customizable for specific applications. Our current focus industries are inspection, logistics, and maintenance, but we are in constant development.

Our technology platform is built on strong competencies within mechatronics and software. Our know-how is founded on unique innovation capabilities and leading knowledge and experience from the robotics industry.

capra hircus robot


Initially meant for wheelchairs, our founder, Mads Bendt, invented the wheel frame for the mobile robot in 2014. The invention is based on his experience as a full-time wheelchair user, since a hang glider accident in 1986 paralyzed him from the shoulders down.

The wheel frame differs from previous wheel frames, as it uses the most prominent features of Ackermann and Differential steering in one, utilizing their respective benefits and omitting their flaws. This resulted in a novel wheel frame with both precise and agile steering.

Mads realized the potential of utilizing his creation for mobile robots, and a contact to Niels Jul Jacobsen, founder of Mobile Industrial Robots, was made in September 2017. Mads entered the world of robotics and began the early work on a mobile robot wheel frame in the company Bendt Inventors.

In late 2018 Niels entered the company as an investor and the name was changed to Capra Robotics. Niels became CEO of the company in August 2020.

In the May 2021, the group of owners expanded when sales guru Lars Hee Hansen joined Capra Robotics as investor and CCO.

In the beginning of 2022, the mobile robot platform now known as Capra Hircus arrived at the European market.

In March Capra Robotics won Robotics Company of the year at Odense Robotics Awards 2022.


Our vision is to create mobile robots to help people everywhere they go.

We aim to bring mobility to the field of robotics in a higher degree than ever before. We want to help people through robotics, and eliminate dangerous, unworthy, and repetitive tasks, to promote human creativity, complex problem-solving, and empathy.


Niels Jul Jacobsen

Chief Executive Officer

Niels is CEO of Capra Robotics. He has worked with robotic solutions since 1989, and before founding Mobile Industrial Robots, he successfully managed RoboLab at University of Southern Denmark. Niels has extensive experience in managing both Danish and European research projects.

Mads Bendt

Chief Innovation Officer

Mads is Founder and CINO of Capra Robotics. His working areas are mainly in IPR-protected radical innovation, innovation sparring and inventions. He is an experienced inventor and has a large portfolio of several patents, patent applications and utility models.

Lars Hee Hansen

Chief Commercial Officer

Lars is CCO of Capra Robotics. He has been thriving in international companies since 1997 where he has mastered the art of business development, customer management and sales. Lars is exceptionally accomplished in his field, and in charge of everything sales and marketing.

Søren Tordenskjold Larsen

Chief Production Officer

Søren is CPO of Capra Robotics. He has been succesfully working with production since 1994, and is highly experienced and well-versed in establishing and managing scalable productions with both green and lean processes throughout the value chain.

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