Inspection & Surveillance

INSPECTION & Surveillance


We provide the intelligent Mobile Robot Platform which helps our customers automate and digitize the manual operations of today.

Robot ready for inspection

Advantages with Mobile Robots

Inspection and surveillance operations are typically handled manually with visual inspection being performed on foot or by car. They are labor-intensive tasks and the repetitive aspect of manning inspection routes multiple times a day increases the likelihood of human errors and process mistakes. Utilizing mobile robots for inspection and surveillance tasks is your gateway to improving and optimizing your business.

Autonomous Inspection & Surveillance Operations

With our outdoor mobile robots, you can convert manual work to automated and autonomous operations when performing inspection and surveillance tasks like perimeter control, fence and building inspection, and intrusion avoidance.


Your Benefits

Process Repeatability and Reliability: Our robots enable a failure-free and robust data collection process to ensure improved documentation

Digitization of Process & Information Flow: Collecting, processing, and transferring data to a cloud-based platform empowers new unprecedented opportunities.

Provides Real-Time Information: Access to information in real-time is essential for certain aspects of inspection and surveillance tasks where the ability to react immediately is critical to your business.

Efficiency Gains to Prevent Lack of Manpower:  Labor shortage is an increasing challenge – deploying mobile robots for your inspection and surveillance tasks allows you to streamline operations and manage additional resources without increasing the headcount.